Simple and Transparent Pricing

In an industry known for complex, opaque fee structures, StraightLine Private Air aims for clarity in everything we do. You will never be surprised by hidden fees because our pricing is no exception. 

Membership Plans

StraightLine is a deposit-based program, designed for members who plan to utilize a variety of different aircraft types, with the ability to select the aircraft that best suits the requirements of each trip. 

New members join with initial deposits amounts of $100k, $200k or $300k. Deposit amounts can be replenished any time with no long-term commitment.  

100% of funds go toward your flights, as there are no membership dues or hidden fees. 

"Absolutely seamless flight experience. These guys are the real deal."
Jared R.
StraightLine Private Air Member

Flight Pricing

Rather than locking you into a fixed rate structure like most jet card & membership programs, we work hard to find you the best price for every trip you take.  Members pay only the actual cost of each flight, rather than a fixed rate, which invariably includes avoidable expenses. 

The cost of a flight is made up of a number of components, including the hourly rate of the aircraft, landing fees, handling fees and crew costs.

The cost per flying hour of the aircraft is the key variable driving cost. When you book a private flight with StraightLine, your price is inclusive of all fees and costs. 

Amounts are deducted from your member account on a trip-by-trip basis and you can replenish your account at any time.

"Coming from a fixed priced jet card, I was surprised by how much I've been able to save. I only wish I switched sooner!"
Susan K.

Membership Plans & Pricing

StraightLine's Platinum Card


Industry's Lowest Cost of Entry
$ $100,000
  • Industry's Lowest Flight Rates
  • Dedicated Member Flight Ambassador
  • Full Access to All Aircraft Categories
  • No Blackout Dates or Peak Day Surcharges
StraightLine's Platinum Card


Family Sharing and Flexible Use
$ $200,000
  • All Benefits of Silver
  • Use by Immediate Family
  • Name One (1) Alternate Lead Passenger
  • No Expiration on Funds
MOst Popular
StraightLine's Black Card


Most Flexible Sharing and No Expiration
$ $300,000
  •  All Benefits of Platinum
  • Name Five (5) Alternate Lead Passengers
"I have waited for years for a program like StraightLine. Business has me traveling all around Texas during the week and I knew there had to be a more cost-effective solution than my old jet card membership. StraightLine is that solution."
Rick W.
StraightLine Private Air Member